Wellington Music Tech Fest Hackathon

Music Tech Fest visited Wellington as part of Sounds Aotearoa Market 26-28 Feb 2014, and hosted the first music hackathon of a big world tour 2014 at Mac’s Function Centre.

Music Tech Fest Logo

I worked on the Baboom challenge and developed a prototype of a music vizualiser. The concept was not to just visualize the music based on audio analysis and metadata drawn from the EchoNest API, but also read from the sensors of the device a song is being played from. The prototype involved reading the 5 most prominent ambient colors in the room through the webcam and have the colors of the vizualisations respond to that. The prototype version has been developed in Processing. Future versions could implement more sensor readings from the device like location, ambient noise plus feeding data from social media.

More amazing hacks developed during the 24 hours can be found on the Hackerleague Site.