Unwrapping di4lo9s

I am excited about the launch of Hamster 2, featuring my piece Unwrapping di4lo9s in which I reminisce about re-visiting the first artwork I have publicly exhibited in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

di4lo9 is a local anonymous Wi-Fi messaging network for leaving messages in public space. After several public exhibits I decide to re-connect to the piece and to open the message drop containing the voices from the past, now disconnected from original place and context.

The first three issues of HAMSTER engage with the idea of a ‘post-truth world’. We encourage contributors to consider hacking strategies as lenses through which to explore contemporary creative and cultural practices. We feel these strategies provide a productive framework to use when considering the slippages between altruistic and selfish intent in relation to the politics and ethics of truth-telling.

(Physics Room, 2017)