Shake Your Disco

Shake Your Disco is the final work piece of my BA graduation thesis. Based on the
theoretical part of my written thesis Move Your Music
I designed a system to realize the idea of an interactive dance floor environment.
Dancers in the crowd are wearing an iPhone or iPod Touch that send motion data
of every single person to the system, that adapts the mood and style of the played
music to the overall dance activity of the crowd.

The design goal was to build a playful multi-user system that can be easily
used by non-professional while generating high-quality sound and image.
Therefor the iPhones serve as invisible wearables for the crowd that also allow
single dancers to contribute solos to the overall performance.
The accelerometer data of every device is sent via wireless network to the host
computer running MaxMSP. The system evaluates the incoming data and
forwards it to the sound and image processing units. In an early sketch of the
project Ableton Live handles the sound mixing while Modul8 is used for the
visual output.

Move Your Music setup sketch

The final prototype used for the BA presentation was optimized for
the input of three dancers and used music samples (C) by WORM Rotterdam
for sound output.