Moving Buildings

As a participant of the Moving Buildings project of P60 in Amstelveen (NL)
I built an interactive motion-based installation which had been
projected onto the front of the P60 building from 4.12 until 18.12.2008.
The motion of pedestrians, cyclists and cars passing the building
affected the projection on the 3 storey – 3 screen projection area and set
the facade in motion.

My idea was to track pedestrian’s movement along the space and let the
fastest moving person draw a video onto the facade that follows the
position of the person.

Have a look at my 30 second montage with the impressions of the opening night:

A black-and-white surveillance camera was used to film the square in front
of the P60 building. The live image was continuously projected onto
the three screens like a huge monochrome mirror of the square. Whenever
motion was detected, the moving person was followed by a layer
of arbitrary, colorful rather abstract figures on the screen.

This projects has been built with Quartz Composer.
Thanks a lot for the code support to Matthias Oostrik
and the project coordinator Lotte Zudwijk.
Moving Buildings