Klubluft is a light sculpture sensitive to CO2, temperature and humidity of the ambient air.

Presenting Klubluft, a subtly pulsating light sculpture attuned to the nuances of the surrounding air. This piece is a whimsical exploration of environmental factors in the midst of your late-night revelry.

Ever pondered the invisible components of the air as you find yourself swaying to the beats on a crowded dancefloor at 2 am? Klubluft is your gentle companion, offering insights into the science of what you’re breathing. The piece consists of three light elements:

A vibrant unicorn, radiating reassurance when carbon dioxide levels are low, granting you the freedom to party without concern. Should the unicorn start appearing weak, a subtle warning of thickening air, it’s a cue to take notice.

The fern, a living gauge of balanced humidity. Flourishing in optimal conditions, it becomes a silent storyteller of the atmospheric swirls surrounding you.

A happy dolphin makes its appearance when indoor temperature is comfortable. Once the dolphin starts to wither, temperature is out of comfortable bounds.

Klubluft goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a nuanced reflection on the unseen forces shaping our nocturnal experiences. So, as you lose yourself in the melodies, let Klubluft be your understated, data-driven companion, guiding you through the intricate dance of CO2, humidity, and temperature—a shy beam of LED-lights that add a touch of sensorial sophistication to your nightlife.

Klubluft is, after STILL, the second in a series of data-indicating light works.

Thanks to Kulturverein Gegenwart for support.
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