Bonuskaart – Friends

Bonuskaart-friends is a social network that connects people according to their shopping behaviour.
Just provide the system with your bonuskaart-number and optionally your name and you will
find like-minded shoppers. Your profile does not require any further maintenance since it creates
itself completely out of the shopping data you give to albertheijn by swiping the barcode
of your card every time you do your groceries. Enjoy photo galleries of your purchased products,
have a look at your detailed shopping list and get to know your new friends.

Like any customer card the albertheijn bonuskaart is an effective tool for data mining and creating
customer profiles. The Dutch supermarket chain albertheijn with their popular bonuskaart
allows their website-visitors to view their previously done shopping just by filling in the unique
number from the back of their card. By questioning the relevance and sensitivity of this
data, the social network of Bonuskaart-friends, which is based upon the look of facebook, tries to
portray possible abuse and false conclusions about a person based on that data.

To counteract this mechanism the card number 2620496071032 is available as a sticker to paste onto
your personal card in order to conceal your shopping behaviour and share one identity with
many other shoppers.