Big Data Wall Fillers

I find it quite appalling that wallpaper nowadays does not carry any deeper layer of meaning, and is solely being designed for decorative purposes.

The project Big Data Wall Fillers is an attempt to make abstract datasets more accessible for domestic use, by processing them into decorative wall paper. The datasets used so far contain the following datasets:

  • Physical measurements of Pāua used for age prediction
  • Broadband monitoring dataset New Zealand
  • Nuclear power plants worldwide and their distance to Wellington/NZ
  • New Zealand Police: Designated terror entities data
  • 2013 Earthquake Data Wellington
  • Wellington tidal data forecast for the period 13.02.-08.03.2014


If you are interested in purchasing prints of wall paper, or if you would like to suggest a dataset for a customized design please contact me {at} birgitbachler {dot} com