The Audio Book

The ongoing trend towards electronic reading and the upcoming of e-reading devices inspired me to take a step back and have a look at the possibilities the old-fashioned paper book offers when combining its analogue character with electronics. As a prototype I built a drawing book that connects to an Arduino Board and creates sound according to the drawings people leave in the book.

The book contains out of six pages that include contact points which trigger sound output when connected with a line. The sound changes according to the different lengths and thicknesses of the pencil traces, and through time the book fills with different visual traces that simultaneously create an individual sound output, that can be sequenced by scrolling through the book or altered by adding drawings or removing streaks with an eraser.

The first prototype of the audio book was created in the course of the Thematic Project “Do Kindles Dream of Spirit Duplicators?” led by Florian Cramer and Renée Turner and has been developed with the technical support of Mr Stock.