In the course of a university project I founded the virtual company MISHA. together
with my colleagues Julia Kloiber, Helmut Munz and Dimitri Moustakidis.
The result of our Offroad Video Production Company was beside creating two
video works for clients building up a whole corporate identity and defining
a business plan for MISHA.

Our first work was producing catchy clips for the hairdresser Olivers Haarwerkstatt
in Graz (A).

A black and white collage of people’s portraits focused on the dancing hair while
their faces merge to strange blurry forms.
The clips have been shown in an endless loop on three screens in the
shop window of Oliver in the center of Graz.

“Spiel mit den Gedanken” is a concept I developed for Asset One and
realized with MISHA.
The story plays with urbanity, imagination and magic.

The film location which shows vast grassland is supposed to be a totally new
built quarter of Graz in 2017. The video has been shown in summer 2007
to the visitors of a tennis match taking place on that area to show the sketch of
an emerging idea how to build the future.