Copy Wildly Workshop + Finissage

Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 15.12.05

The exhibition Copy Wildly is running for one more week and closing with an in-gallery workshop and finissage on Sat 8 March, 2pm. This will also be the last chance to copy the source codes of the exhibition on a USB-stick or buy one from the Limited Edition stack.


We’ll start off with a tour through the show and then have a look together how to rebuild/recreate the artworks with the help of the data on the stick.

We’ll discuss the technical and conceptual aspects of the works. I can give you a peek behind the interfaces, show and explain the hardware and software behind all works. We’ll have a look at some of the code (Python, Bash, Processing), web interfaces (HTML, CSS), hardware (Arduino) and discuss possibilites of rebuilding/modifying the existing works with and without previous coding experience.

RSVP via Facebook or send me an e-mail me {ät} birgitbachler {dot} com.

If you have a specific question already, let me know before Fri 7 March.