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Data Commodification Workshop at Transmediale

Together with Walter Langelaar I will present a Data Commodification workshop at Transmediale 2015 in Berlin, with this year’s topic “Capture All”. Sun 01.02.2015, 3:00 pm Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Foyer Hub 2 Departing from the recent web application (an artist-run Internet startup producing projects to help individuals capitalise on their online monetary […]

Big Data Bastelstunde @ADA Meshcities Auckland 2014

Big Data Bastelstunde (“Big Data Craft Hour”) is a one hour workshop exploring the art of generating wall paper patterns from open data sets. Birgit will bring datasets she has worked with and invites participants to bring their own datasets. During the workshop will introduce ways to use the programming environment Processing to render abstract […]

Copy Wildly conclusion

Thanks to all participants of the Copy Wildly finissage and for all the valuable feedback and discussion during the workshop session. I hope to hear back from anyone who is working with the material on the USB-stick, and I’m looking forward to bring this show to more places and expand more on the idea of […]