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Open Jam Aotearoa

I am organising the inaugural Open Jam Aotearoa together with Chris Wratt and Tristan Bunn at the School of Music and Creative Media Production at Massey University Wellington. The idea to create an event like Open Jam Aotearoa was born one night at the artist-run venue Pyramid Club during Chris’ workshop on “Boring Video Games”. […]

Sonic Acts Academy 2018

I am honored to give an artist talk “Live Streams – Materialising a more-than-human Internet of Things” at this year’s Sonic Acts Academy in Amsterdam (NL): “How can we learn from the more-than-human world when building networked media? Departing from the concept of an Internet of Things as a means to give voice to non-human […]

Big Data Bastelstunde @ADA Meshcities Auckland 2014

Big Data Bastelstunde (“Big Data Craft Hour”) is a one hour workshop exploring the art of generating wall paper patterns from open data sets. Birgit will bring datasets she has worked with and invites participants to bring their own datasets. During the workshop will introduce ways to use the programming environment Processing to render abstract […]

Arduino Day Wellington, 2014

I’m organizing the New Zealand Arduino Day 2014 at Victoria University of Wellington, NZ. With presentations by Anne Niemetz, Wyatt Page and Josh Bailey, working demos by Walter Langelaar, Adam Ben-Dror, Mo Zahreei, Ted Apel, Blake Johnson and Henry Dengate Thrush. Read my guest blog entry about the day on Technology Valley.

Moodbank – a roundtable discussion

I was invited to take part in the roundtable discussion together with Dr Sarah Elsie Baker, Vanessa Crowe, Sophie Jerram, Amanda Levey, Dr. Dan Weijers and Matthew Ellingsen. Moodbank is a pop-up bank and art project where you can visualise, deposit and exchange mood. 29 Manners Street, Wellington, 13th – 22nd March 2014. The Moodbank […]

Copy Wildly Workshop + Finissage

The exhibition Copy Wildly is running for one more week and closing with an in-gallery workshop and finissage on Sat 8 March, 2pm. This will also be the last chance to copy the source codes of the exhibition on a USB-stick or buy one from the Limited Edition stack. We’ll start off with a tour […]

Wellington Music Tech Fest Hackathon

Music Tech Fest visited Wellington as part of Sounds Aotearoa Market 26-28 Feb 2014, and hosted the first music hackathon of a big world tour 2014 at Mac’s Function Centre. I worked on the Baboom challenge and developed a prototype of a music vizualiser. The concept was not to just visualize the music based on […]

Copy Wildly Solo Exhibition

‘Copy Wildly’ is a new exhibition by Austrian artist Birgit Bachler featuring a playful electronic spectacle of internet culture, media interventions and data appropriation. The entire content and source code of the show is re-distributed on custom made USB-sticks.’ The show is part of this year’s Fringe Festival and runs from 14 February – 8 […]


Matter is the third part of a series in which Liesbeth Koot works on the combination of dance and film/new media. The first two parts resulted in short experimental films, this third and last part in a live performance. The performer is, through the use of tracking software, translated into moving image and sound. Because […]